1K Club Interview: Meet Monica

Meet Monica, our 1st ever 1000-Mile Club Member:

Monica’s walking journey started in 2013 before she joined Walk If Off but her 1000-mile journey with the club started only 4 months ago and she has already achieved superstar status by her discipline & no-matter-what attitude.
She continues to inspire our members way beyond her 1000 miles!
Monica shares how she was able to release 53 lbs in 12 months using simple success principles
She has recently been featured in GirlTrek National Newsletter & Mississipi’s Radio Show “Super Talk”

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Inside this Guide You'll Discover
  •  Top 10 Ways to Break Sugar Addiction
  •  What to Do When you Feel the Cravings
  •  Snack Ideas to Beat the 3 PM Slump
  •  The Worst Time to Eat Sugar and Strategies to Avoid it
  •  3 Mouth-Watering & Guilt-Free Dessert Recipes