9 Natural Substitutes for Sugar

Have you ever heard of Xylitol? ​

It’s a sugar alternative… and I promise your friends and family will never know you swapped out the sugar toxic stuff for this. ​

Xylitol is processed from the birch tree/bark. It’s as sweet as sugar but has little effect on raising blood sugar levels which is what makes it awesome! ​

See, you can beat those cravings, lose weight and enjoy dessert! ​

You may also consider the following 9 alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth​

  1. Stevia​
  • A plant used by the Guarani people of South America for more than 1500 years:​
  • Tastes about 300 times sweeter than table sugar​
  • No calories, no impact on blood sugar and may reduce blood pressure​
  • Make sure to buy only 100% whole leaf stevia​

    2. Xylitol​
  • A sugar alcohol that is neither sugar nor alcohol but is actually an organic​
  • About the same sweetness as table sugar​
  • Comes from a non-GMO plant source​
  • Low in calorie and no effect on blood sugars​

    3. Erythritol​
  • Also a sugar alcohol like Xylitol​
  • About 70% as sweet as table sugar and tastes just like it​
  • It is 100% Erythritol​
  • Nearly non caloric, doesn’t spike blood sugar and is easily digested​

    4.Coconut palm sugar​
  • From the sap of cut flower buds of the coconut palm:​
  • Same sweetness as table sugar​
  • Look for labels that say coconut sugar, coconut crystals or coconut palm sugar​
  • Has a low glycemic index and contains some nutrients and fiber​

    5. Agave​
  • Produced from the leaves of this Mexican succulent plant​
  • It is about one and a half times sweeter than table sugar​
  • Make sure to buy organic agave​
  • It lowers the glycemic index more than table sugar does​

    6.Honey—bees, bees, bees…
  • Slightly sweeter than table sugar​
  • Buy raw, local and organic honey​
  • Can help boost immune system and seasonal allergies and sooth sore throats​

    7. Lucuma powder​
  • Produced from this subtropical fruit native to South America:​
  • Sweet, maple flavor​
  • It is 100% lucuma powder​
  • Can help boost immune system, no effect on blood sugar and contains nutrients​

    8. Maple syrup​
  • Made from the sap of sugar, red or black maple trees:​
  • About 3 times sweeter than table sugar​
  • Buy organic pure grade B maple syrup​
  • Lower fructose content than table sugar but don’t be fooled it’s still sugar​

    9. Monk fruit (lo han gou)​
  • Made from a green melon that grows in the mountaintops of Asia:​
  • About 200 or 300 times sweeter than table sugar​
  • Buy pure monk fruit or pure lo han gou sweetener​
  • Non caloric, no impact on blood sugar and may be anti-inflammatory​