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Who is Carmina Mevs?


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Hey There! Nice to meet you!

My name is Carmina Mevs. I am a singe mom to a wonderful teenage son Richard. He is my pride and joy. (well…. more pride than joy at this point, you know how it is with teenagers!)

As you can see I can’t even get him to pose for a decent photo


I am a certified health coach and in my private practice, I help busy moms with stressful careers who are struggling with their weight ease their way into their happy size so they can show up with confidence,clarity and focus in their personal and professional lives .


But I didn’t start out that way, the fact is, I am just like you: I tried and failed at many diets before I found something that worked for me and I want you to know  I totally understand what it feels like to feel stuck, and feel  like nothing is or will ever make a difference. I’ve been there!

Growing up, I was the ultimate scholar athlete, I played basket & soccer all the way to college,  but when I became a working mom, with a stressful job and a failing marriage I started putting on a lot of weight.    

Before & After my shake diet

And for a while  it seemed as if it was here to stay. I was actually classified as OBESE which was a bit surprising to me because  I was always on a diet,   always “watching” what I was eating. I even managed to work out once in a while.   That’s what you’re supposed to do…   Right?    

But sadly I was ALWAYS on the lookout for the next miracle product.  

You name it… I tried it… I was forever caught in the vicious cycle of Yo-Yo dieting.

Each time I went on a new diet, I got excited because I thought “this time will be different.”   And things would start off positive in that I did lose weight. And I had that amazing feeling of  having  my clothes get too big and picking out new, smaller clothes that I felt great in.  

But all   the while I was suffering on these diets. I was hungry and deprived. I was grumpy!!

But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that when I went off each diet, I’d continue eating healthy but I gave myself more wiggle room with what I ate and how much.  And that’s when the weight came back on… every_single_ time!

Maybe you can relate and know how defeating this is. My low point was a few months after the last diet I followed…

I was actually doing well on it and it was pretty easy to do. It was a meal replacement shake (which tasted delicious btw) I had also started walking on a regular basis.

For the first time, I was actually pretty happy while dieting and when I lost 1+ lbs a week, 12 weeks in a row, without fail… I knew I was onto something BIG!

I got so excited, I got my mom on it, she did better than I did and lost over 14 lbs I got some friends on the shakes and in my walking group.

It was an amazing time, my confidence went through the roof I actually gave myself permission to date again and found myself in my first serious relationship since my divorce.

But then the you-know-what hit the fan: my personal life went down the drain, I was stressed at work, not sleeping enough, not taking care of myself, I stopped drinking the shakes and then guess what?

I had gained all the weight back and THEN some.  

That’s when I decided that there HAD to be a better way.   I made it my life’s work to study the real science about food and nutrition and learn why I was struggling for so many years – and I learned how to heal my metabolism so I could not only lose the weight, but keep it off for good.  

I finally felt freedom with food and my body, and I learned how to eat and take care of myself that felt nurturing, rather than punishment.

I learned that diet & exercise were not the whole story, they are only part of the equation.  I understood that unless I changed my relationship to food ( it’s not meant to punish or reward me), unless I learned to relax and ease my way into my happy and healthy weight and size and STOPPED doing violence to my body with restrictive diets and punishing exercises, I would always be on the losing end of that battle…


At my HAPPY Weight & Size, can you tell?

This realization led me to some pretty incredible results for myself and my clients.

The ultimate reward for me is not the weight that I lost but it’s the peace that I have made with my body. I am no longer at war with it, no longer wincing at my reflection in the mirror.

The reward is now putting on clothes that I feel and look great in, the confidence I feel when I slip on that cute little dress and a pair of heels.

That for me is priceless!   I had more clarity than I had in years, and got my sexy back.

Most important, I began to love my body. No more negative self-talk. No more missing out on fun times with friends because I felt fat and ugly.

I started getting a lot of compliments. People said I looked amazing, like I had completely transformed. What I was doing? Everybody wanted to know.

Then people started asking for my advice… That’s when I enrolled at the Health Coach Institute and went through their 18-month certification program and in the process, I developed my signature program:

The 5-step Slim Down with Es Plan.

Here’s a sneak peek…

Step 1: Eat Right for your Body Type

Step 2: Enjoy your body in motion

Step 3: Eliminate unnecessary stress

Step 4: Embrace healthy habits

Step 5: Elevate the conversation inside your head

The Es ( read as ‘ease’) in my program don’t stand for effortless;  ease means painless because weight loss doesn’t have to be painful, it can be joyful if you allow it to be.

My health coaching practice started with a couple of friends as clients and then it expanded across the US. I’ve had the privilege to coach hundreds of women either in private or group coaching programs and I’ve seen them experience a Total Transformation in their Mindset, Nutrition and Movement, using these exact steps and strategies that I’m going to teach you in my programs.

It is my goal to help you connect the dots and show you EXACTLY how you can do this too, no matter how far off track you’ve fallen.

Are you ready to get started?



  • My programs are perfect for you if….

    You’re tired of counting calories and not seeing the scale budge an ounce and would like to get to your happy size once and for all and finally feel comfortable in your skin.

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In my programs you will…


  • Uncover key triggers that are keeping you from losing weight and finally figure out how to release excess weight and keep it off
  • Discover the ‘auto-pilot’ habits that may be preventing you from reaching your goals, and learn how to easily shift these habits in a way that allows you to effortlessly lose weight
  • Discover what and how to eat for your body type,which foods give you energy and which foods are causing your body to store fat so you can reboot your metabolism and release excess fat
  • Explore inspiring movement options for your energy level, time restraints and fitness level. When you have an inspiring menu of options for movement ready and easy to access, you are far more likely to get moving.
  • Learn powerful mind tricks to motivate yourself to eat healthy and exercise more
  • Get clarity on how to keep the weight off after you’ve lost it all

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