🌐 About Me

Hi! I’m Carmina Mevs. As a registered health coach, holistic weight loss is my game. My mission? Helping women end the yo-yo dieting cycle once and for all. I’m your friendly neighborhood health coach with a Caribbean twist. That’s where my accent and my attitude towards weight loss come from: weight loss should be simple, easy and fun just like a trip to a sunny island. That’s why I‘ve gamified the whole process. For over thirty years, I’ve made the Garden State my home, nurturing a college aged son, Richard and a grand-cat, Vanna. 

🎯 Who I work with

I’m the go-to expert for serial dieters, mindless eaters, and those battling crazy-pants cravings. With personalized lifestyle strategies. I ensure your wellness journey is as unique as you are.

🏆 Bragging Rights

Since 2016, I’ve been empowering women across the US, Canada, UK, and the Caribbean. I’m the author of a couple books, with my newest, “Bodylicious,” soon to hit the shelves. I’ve shared my insights on various stages from Teach for America to the Union Public Library and the Sickle Cell Medical Advocacy group. I’ve been featured on the Cathy Heller Show. Spoiler alert: You might need tissues! 

🏅 Certifications?

I collect them like some women collect shoes! Among other things I am a Precision Nutrition Lvl 1 Coach, Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner, Holistic Weight Loss Nutrition Coach, and Certified DreamBuilder Coach.

✨ Just for Fun

When I’m not conjuring up engaging games and programs for my clients, you’ll catch me trying (emphasis on ‘trying’) to master the art of cut flower arrangements. It’s a journey of thorns and petals, but I’m getting there, one bouquet at a time!