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Participation in our community is a privilege.
Please read through and adhere to these terms and conditions:
  • Please do not promote books, seminars, web seminars, teleconferences, workshops, radio or TV appearances, websites, blog posts or any products.
  • Also, quotes of the day, pics, and videos, can distract us from our main purpose...which is serving you.
  • Do not promote or post any business or marketing internet hyperlinks.
  • Also, please do NOT post videos as it is too difficult for our team to manage/approve the potential for thousands of videos. All posts should be related to the Water, Walks & (40) Winks Challenge.
  • And finally, please do not misuse the community by adding people to your private groups, email lists, or other marketing efforts without their permission. This is SPAM and it causes ill will and frustration.
And as always...show up, play full out! We believe in you.

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