Webinar – Weight Loss Resistance


“How Specific Foods May Be Causing
Your Weight Loss Resistance”

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Do you try to eat healthy, yet you’re unable to lose weight?
If so, certain foods may be PREVENTING your weight loss!
Find out which specific foods may be causing your body to hold onto weight
— and how to easily remove them from your diet.


Are you a chronic dieter who never sees results?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Do you look at the scale every day and dread the number that shows up?

Do you find yourself in a constant battle with food, never really feel satisfied after eating?

Have you tried counting calories, yo-yo dieting and other weight loss strategies…and nothing has worked long-term to bring you the weight loss you want?

If you said “yes” to any of these…you might have hidden “food sensitivities” that are FORCING your body to hold onto excess weight!

Certain foods can wreak havoc on your hormones and your metabolism,
while causing your body to store fat (instead of burn it).

Luckily, there’s an easy fix:

I’ll show you how to remove the offending foods from your diet, WITHOUT feeling deprived!

I’m hosting a FREE webinar to help you identify potential food sensitivities that may be causing your body to store fat — so that you can eliminate those foods and experience effortless, lasting weight loss.[/text_block]


  • 1

    Why certain foods can BLOCK weight loss,

    no matter how “healthy” you eat or how many calories you consume

  • 2

    The most common food culprits,

    and why these particular foods can be problematic for losing weight

  • 3

    How to determine whether you have a food sensitivity

    so that you can regain control over your weight

  • 4

    4 offending foods to eliminate now

    (plus, 4 easy substitutes you can easily integrate into your diet)

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Carmina Mevs


Carmina is a project manager and a certified health coach.
She founded Walk It Off, a supportive community that inspires women (and men) to create an active and healthy lifestyle through power walking.
She helps single moms in project management find their zen and ease their way back to a healthy weight so they can lose the belly fat and show up with confidence, clarity & focus in their personal and professional lives.


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Put an end to the “yo-yo dieting”!
Find out which specific foods are causing weight loss resistance…
so you can remove them and finally lose weight and keep it off!