Presented by Carmina Mevs, The Holistic Body Coach
About Your Host
Carmina is the founder of the Fit & Healthy After 40 Club, a vibrant online community of health-conscious women of all shapes and sizes. She is an Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner ™ She is best known for helping women over 40 break free from cravings and get fit so they can lose weight without dieting, deprivation or military-style exercises

In this FREE masterclass I’ll share:

  • How to get results without overhauling your lifestyle by dieting, deprivation or spending hours at the gym
  • Why those wanting to lose weight should avoid too much cardio in the morning! New study shows a different way to exercise for results
  • Why some women can eat pizza, drink wine and still fit into their skinny jeans (Hint: it’s not genetics)
  • A simple fact about carbs that celebrity nutritionists know that can speed up their metabolism
  • Why willpower may be overrated when it comes to kicking the sugar habit to the curb

This is for women who want to spend more time enjoying life and less time stressing about food and their weight so RSVP now to get started!

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