7 Ways to stop Nagging Sugar Cravings Even If You Have Zero Willpower

Ever feel like you tip the scale just by inhaling too deeply in the bakery section? ​

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Here are 7 Painless Ways To Curb Your Sugar Cravings Without Willpower​

#1 🥛☕🍷Check Your Bevvies!

Sounds crazy, but sometimes sweet cravings are a sign of dehydration..Too much caffeine mimics a blood sugar crash – you’re high for a bit but then you coming crashing down and crave….SUGAR, of course.​

#2: 🍊🍒🥕Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Sweet Veggies, Fruit & Spices

Your tongue has sweet taste buds that demand to be satisfied, so don’t hold out on ‘em! Add naturally sweet foods & spices to your diet like squash, yams, carrots, beets, berries, figs, apples, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, and cloves

#3:👃🥧 Sniff Out Low-Fat and Fat Free Foods.

Weird! I know but when food manufacturers take the fat out of foods, what do you think they put in instead? You guessed it, sugar! so go ahead take a sniff​​

#4: 🛌🌛 Get your Zzzzzs

For many of us, this is easier said than done. But if you’re constantly tired, your body is going to look for energy, usually in the form or sugar or caffeine. Power down an hour earlier than usual, and notice how your cravings disappear​

#5:🥩🥚🍗 Check Your Protein

This is a fun, cool fact – watch how much protein and what kind of protein you’re eating, especially animal protein. Eating too little animal protein can lead to massive sweet cravings. So can eating too much. When I work with clients we find just the right sweet spot for protein intake so they feel satisfied.​

#6: 🏋🚴‍♀️🏃‍♀️Move Yo’self!

Movement is another kind of food for your body. It releases stress, makes you feel great and look great. When you don’t get enough, the body starts to look for other ways to blow off steam, like binging on Tootsie Rolls.​

#7: 🍽️ Create New Post-Meal Rituals

If you’re a “dessert after your meal” person, one of things you might love about that is the ritual of it. Try a juicy tangerine or a piece of sugar free flavored gum to take the edge off.

Pretty cool, right? But that’s just the tip of the iceberg….​

NOW my mission is to share what I’ve learned over the past 3 years so that there are no more tear-filled Sunday nights with empty bags of Tootsie Rolls Lollipops

After explaining this concept to hundreds of clients and seeing light bulb 💡after light bulb 💡 go off, I decided to put together this all-natural guide to Kicking Cravings to the Curb without Willpower. ​ ​


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Inside this Guide You'll Discover
  •  Top 10 Ways to Break Sugar Addiction
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