How to Lose Weight while You Sleep

In this video you’ll discover

  • What happens to your body when you don’t sleep enough
  • Why you gain weight when you haven’t had enough sleep
  • Plus tips to burn more calories while you’re sleeping

Key concepts:

Recent scientific studies show that a lack of sleep causes many significant changes in the body and increases your risk for serious health concerns such as obesity, disease, and even early death.

The healthy amount of sleep for the average adult is around seven to eight hours each night.

When you haven’t slept well do you find yourself wanting to eat more? It’s not your imagination.It’s all about the hormones:

Ghrelin is a hormone released in the stomach that signals hunger in the brain.

Leptin is a hormone released from fat cells. It suppresses hunger and signals fullness in the brain

When you do not get adequate sleep, the body makes more ghrelin and less leptin, leaving you hungry and increasing your appetite.

Three tips to burn more calories while you sleep

  1. Program your brain while you are sleeping. You can feed your subconscious messages to entice you  to make healthier choices through the day. Check out
  2. Fast at night: Nighttime fasting—aka closing the kitchen early—may help you lose more weight, even if you eat more food throughout the day. Try to fast for at least 12 hours. So if you eat at 8 pm don’t have breakfast until 8 am the next day
  3. Protein shake : Having a protein shake before hitting the sack may boost your metabolism
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