New Year, New Possibilities…

I typically assign a theme to the year ahead, it’s kinda of nerdy I know… but it’s something I look forward to doing at the end of each year.

It starts with the all important Year Closing Ceremony when I look back at the year that is ending, remembering (and documenting) the good times, the lessons learned, the people I am happy to have met, the moments that took my breath away, the places I traveled to or discovered in my backyard.

Then I look towards the future to infuse the year ahead with inspiration and enthusiasm and propel myself into this new chapter.

What will bring me excitement and/or reveal a new passion?

I don’t know yet…  I let the thoughts simmer for a few days or weeks and I listen for prompts and insights …

And sometimes the inspiration comes in the form of a challenge from a well-meaning friend…

The other day one of my best friends called me with a crazy idea…

“Let’s do the AVON walk this year,” she said “It’s only 39.3 miles…”

“OMG! What?!?! NO!!!!” I gasped… “This is impossible! Look here! I’m not like you, I do not run marathons or do triathlons.
I can barely finish a 10K!”

“That’s OK…” she said “You only have to walk it and you have 10 months to get ready. Oh! by the way you’ll also have to raise $1800 for fundraising…. Why don’t you sleep on it?”

Even though I had promised to think about it, I had already dismissed the idea even before we hung up, relinquishing it to my “It’s Impossible” drawer.

But here’s the funny thing, the idea wouldn’t leave me alone…

She had planted the seed and the possibilities of it wouldn’t stop growing in my head.

…..40 miles and $1800….

That would certainly push me beyond my boundaries.

I love a good challenge but I kept saying to myself “I can’t do walk 40 miles in one go! There is No Way…”

I have never done anything remotely close to this. My last attempt at a 10K (6.2 miles) ended in disgrace. I couldn’t finish it…

It is scary and exciting at the same time.

Then I remembered what my mentors Stacey & Carey said at the HCI Live event I attended this past November

“Fear is Excitement on Pause”

“Food for Thought… Is it really impossible?” I mused… Of course it’s not!

The proof is that thousands of people have done it before me, and many more will do it after me…

The reality is I have 10 months to train and get ready for this event physically & mentally…

And even IF I couldn’t get help from friends and family with the fundraising, (I know they will, it’s all in my head), if I put away a little bit of money away every month, I will have raised the money by October…

So logistically, barring an act of God, it was NOT impossible, I just had not accepted that it was possible for ME.

And just like that the theme of the year came to me:

In 2017,  I will “Dwell in Possibility”

and “Every possibility begins with the courage to imagine”- Mary Anne Radmacher

So I imagined me, Carmina crossing that finish line on October 15 2017, on my dad’s 68th birthday!

Pushing beyond my limiting beliefs, surrounded by the soldiers who battled cancer for months and years…who survived hours of pain and constant discomfort… What’s a measly 40 miles?

Spirits of the fallen warriors we have lost along the way cheering me on. And most of all, I picture my grandma Ina who passed away a few years ago from a breast tumor diagnosed too late, smiling down on me from heaven as I lay down exhausted on the cold October pavement.

The warm colors of the fall are the perfect backdrop to my triumph, i get an immense sense of having accomplished something of significance
and the extra benefit of my bound-to-be flatter stomach and toned legs bring a big SMILE to my face…

And so I said YES! Badge # 771966

It still feels surreal but what a year in sight!

I’m excited, I’m pumped, I’m READY! (mentally at least but that’s the biggest hurdle) as I remembers the words of wisdom:

“Everything is POSSIBLE and there is ALWAYS a way”

What about you… What’s opening up for you this year?
What feels exciting and scary at the same time?

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