Walk Your Way Fit

Walk Your Way Fit

Keep It Simple, Make it Fun & Don’t Do it Alone



I love being a member of the Walk it Off Club. This club has motivated me to walk and increase my exercising- I want to be healthy for myself and family. Sharing my daily steps with other members, motivating each other with stickers and words of encouragement. I like feeling motivated and this Club and its members provide that for me.

Nate T.

You have provided a service that so many of us have needed in order to keep our motivation going. Getting close to my day 50… Longest running streak for me as I usually lose hope. Keep up the awesome work. God bless you.

Linda C

I love being part of Walk It Off! The support from everyone is wonderful. It doesn’t matter how many steps I take, if it’s a lot or a few, I feel great that I got off the couch! The encouragement keeps me going

Karla S.

Before I joined I had Zero motivation. Even though I wear a FitBit, I still had a hard time doing anything alone. Since I found this group I schedule my walks with the group almost 5 to 6 days a week. The “walk and talk” sessions give me not only motivation but so many good pointers. I’m healthier, my moods are more positive; there are days I don’t feel like it but after one “walk and talk” session, I feel like I’ve accomplished something for me! Joining Walk it Off will keep you going one step at a time. Best thing I ever did for Me!

Lou Ann H