What kind of burger are you? Cracking the happiness code…

We’ll crack the code of finding lasting fulfillment in life and chat about how you can starting TODAY working towards a future that you really want and that will bring you the success and happiness that you deserve.

The theory of the burgers is not my own, it comes from the Psychologist Tal Ben-Shahar who is one of Harvard’s most popular lecturers.

The four types of burgers represent four types of people:
‘Greasy Truck’ burger: people who are miserable now and aren’t working towards anything positive in the future.
‘Health farm’ burger: people who are miserable now but it will be worth it, because they are working hard towards success in the future.
‘Fast food’ burger: people who live for the moment and don’t mind that they aren’t building a firm foundation for a positive future.
‘Homemade’ burger: people who both enjoy their lives now and, through what they are doing, are building an exciting future.
Which type of burger are you most like?
“True success is about enjoying the journey towards a destination that you deem to be valuable. It’s all about being a homemade burger.”
Alison Price “Psychology of Success: A Practical Guide”
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