What People Say

What People who Work with Me Say

I’ve had the privilege to coach hundreds of women either in private or group coaching programs and I've seen them experience a Total Transformation in their Mindset, Nutrition and Movement

Karla says:

Carmina is a wonderful motivator, coach, friend. I have learned so much from her and look forward to each week.  Her advice and learning tools are exceptional and easy to follow!  My self esteem has improved and my knowledge of food and movement has increased. Carmina has been nothing but kind and understanding.  I know I have a ways to go but with her support and her knowledge I will succeed!  I highly recommend her!!

DaShanda says

Carmina is more than a coach.  She is a mentor, a motivator, a friend, and a support system all rolled up into one. I have not only enjoyed the sessions with Carmina, I always walk away enlightened with the valuable advice she gives me. And like she always says "this is a no judgement platform".  I have seen the progress in myself since I started using her services and I look forward to our sessions to find out new avenues of looking at "what is really going on" and get steps to reach my goals.  To sum it up. Carmina and her coaching  equals #winning in my book.

Lou Ann says:

Carmina has been my motivator friend confidante since Aug 2015 her coaching has kept me on track week to week i learn each session more about me and more about food i have had a lot of aha moments than i can count Carmina is straight forward easy to apply her suggestions i look forward each week to our sessions i do learn something new each time she has given me confidence where i know i can conquer whatever i set my mind too!

Danielle says

My biggest fear was facing my excuses. It came true somewhat, but not in the manner I expected. There was no judgement. My favorite part of working with Carmina is the way she helps me hone in on my strengths and strategies for building up weak areas.  Without really trying, I lost weight  in Carmina's program a year ago and I have not gained them back. I recommend Carmina to anyone who's ready to make lasting changes!

Marybeth says:

When I first started working with Carmina i was afraid nothing would change. I would just be paying and do the same things I've always done. But that hasn't happened. I'm slowly changing my life long bad habits and creating new ones. My blood sugars are in better control and I'm loosing weight. I've tried different things that have worked in the short term but I always went back to my old, unhealthy ways. Working with Carmina is great. Time management and planning are the most difficult for me but I'm getting good at it. Whatever your health goals are I'm sure Carmina can help you too.

Joyce says

My favorite part of working with Carmina is that she is an intense listener. She was skillful on picking up on certain things I said, which were hinderances that I didn't recognize that were holding me back in more ways than one. Carmina had ability to help me to see deep rooted and forgotten issues that had been causing me to have a lack of confidence, stagnation, and a need to feel that I had to operate out of perfectionism. Thanks to Carmina, I have had major breakthroughs and positive transformation. I can now recognize and fix triggers that once delayed me from being my best self. If I were to recommend Carmina to my best friend, I would say, ”Being coached by Carmina has helped me to transform my life for the better in many ways that a therapist couldn't. If you want breakthroughs and life changing transformation, I would highly recommend you to work with, Carmina!"

Margareth says

I love the cleanse plan! It was actually easy to follow. I did not feel hungry or jittery. It was flexible enough that I could find tons of things to pick from. I was never hungry even though I was not able to fit in all the snacks. You know that I am a bread addict, I did not even miss it. I did not miss the sugar either.
Energy level has been up and I have been wanting to move around more.The even better news is that I lost about 8 pounds.I think I will continue doing it until I get tired of it.
Thanks for your help!

5-Day Challenge Results

Donna B.

Down 1.8%! Looking forward to continued success!

Quintina J.

Lost 1lb which is .36%. Wanted more but a pound is a pound . I will continue to practice these great lifestyle changes going forward. Thanks Carmina for everything.


I am down 2 lbs, is that good? Well, I am pleased and I will continue with this Healthy Habits Challenge as a lifestyle change. Thank you, Carmina!


I lost 2 lbs this week. I hope to continue these habits I've learned. Thank you, Carmina Mevs, for this challenge. I've learned a lot!

Christy O.

Haven't seen that # on scale for several years. Thanks Carmina!


9 hours of sleep last and 1% body fat gone. Thanks Carmina for this challenge it was fun.


I lost a total of 4 pounds I am happy and my jeans are a little lose thank you so much for this challenge group I really enjoyed it!!!!


I only lost 1.1 lbs which is .38% but hey that's 1.1 lbs down!!!!

Kimberly P.

This group keeps me motivated and inspired. After someone shared where to get a pedometer app for my phone (thanks again!) I really took off! I had been counting and timing my steps but this, actually seeing the count get higher, really pumps me up. I set my goal for 10,000 steps but then one busy day I got in over 10 miles (which for me is about 23000 steps). As I do most of my walking at work, I cannot go at a very fast pace, but it is a steady pace. So then I decided to shoot for that every day. I don't always get there, but I do walk every day. Now, instead of "I have to walk" attitude, I have a "I want to walk" one. I want to meet my goal! I want to inspire and be inspired by others! I want to feel better! Carmina and all the members are my virtual walking friends and I enjoy meeting with them every day. My niece recently joined our WIO family and is excited to be walking with us too! So, if you're looking for motivation to walk, this group is it! Walk it off! You'll be glad you did!! Happy member since October 2015. 830 miles towards my 1000 mile journey proud!

Nate T.

I love being a member of the Walk it Off Club. This club has motivated me to walk and increase my exercising- I want to be healthy for myself and family. Sharing my daily steps with other members, motivating each other with stickers and words of encouragement. I like feeling motivated and this Club and its members provide that for me.

Linda C.

You have provided a service that so many of us have needed in order to keep our motivation going. Getting close to my day 50... Longest running streak for me as I usually lose hope. Keep up the awesome work. God bless you.

Karla S.

I love being part of Walk It Off! The support from everyone is wonderful. It doesn't matter how many steps I take, if it's a lot or a few, I feel great that I got off the couch! The encouragement keeps me going!

Lou Ann H.

Before I joined I had Zero motivation. Even though I wear a FitBit, I still had a hard time doing anything alone. Since I found this group I schedule my walks with the group almost 5 to 6 days a week. The “walk and talk” sessions give me not only motivation but so many good pointers. I'm healthier, my moods are more positive; there are days I don't feel like it but after one “walk and talk” session, I feel like I’ve accomplished something for me! Joining Walk it Off will keep you going one step at a time. Best thing I ever did for Me!

Stephanie W

Walking makes me feel good and makes me love myself more than I ever have before. It’s not every day that I feel like hitting the pavement, but I ask myself, what makes you feel good? What allows you to eat something that your doctor says you can't eat with diabetes? I was full of excuses like, "just wait until tomorrow to start". When I started moving, I was taking a lot of insulin (now I only take two pills twice a day). What I like about Walk it Off was the motivation that I received during the challenges, the quizzes and the motivation from other members posting their walks and steps. That motivated me to keep moving and reminded me not to give up. The best advice I can give anyone is stop putting off today for tomorrow, because tomorrow might be too late.

Monica B.

Walk It Off is an awesome source of encouragement/motivation as well as great health & fitness tips!!! It's amazing meeting people from all across the world & being able to watch their journey ....all while we cheer each other on to meeting our personal goals! We are all on the same journey.....just different levels! Also, I love the way Carmina makes the group fun by having weekly challenges/contests/awards! Nothing like a little friendly competition to make things interesting! I'd recommend WIO to anyone....especially those who may need some motivation! At WIO, you're sure to get that motivation....& so much more!

Brandy W

Before starting my lifestyle change journey, I would come home from working at a doctor’s office all day, most of the time too tired to cook so I would pick up fast food and would usually crash by 7:30pm or 8pm. Exercise was not in the picture! After getting kidney stones and having surgery 7 times within a year I knew something had to change! My cousin recommended Walk It Off for support and competitiveness! I thought what the heck! I joined and found that I love it! It keeps me motivated, inspired, and competitive! I love seeing my miles go up! I have started eating healthy and exercising daily! I have lost 24 pounds and 27.5 inches since November 24, 2015! I know a lot of it is because of this group and their inspiration, encouragement, and friendly competition!